When will the Map Platform token sale start?

Our token crowdsale event will start on October 6th, 2018, there is a count down timer on our token sale website.

Why do you need a token sale?

MAP Platform is an important and large undertaking, in order to truly disrupt the Map Aggregation Platform services we will need to be able to sustain the project for at least 3 years.

With which (crypto) currencies can I buy MAP tokens?

-Ether is accepted to our contract address directly.
-Any fiat currency by using the BUY WITH USD option in the token sale dashboard.
-Bitcoin can be accepted with BUY WITH BTC option displayed in the token sale dashboard.

Do you have any special deals for investors?

Investors will enjoy a 30% bonus for the Presale Round;
15% bonus will apply on the second Round of the  crowdsale;
5% bonus will apply during the third Round of the crowdsale.

Is there a minimum investment in the crowdsale?

There is a minimum investment in the Presale Round, which is 0.5 ETH.

What are you going to do with money raised?

We have outlined in detail on our website and in the white paper what the funds will be used for in order to obtain our objectives.

Can I send funds from an exchange address?

Please do not send us crypto from the Exchanges. As Exchanges bundle transactions from various users so that we do not see the original wallet address of the source of funds. This requires manual mapping of your transaction which delays the payment process.

What is a HardCap:

Hard Cap: 24,000,000 MPLT Tokens

Is MPLT Token a security token?

The MPLT Token is an utility Token based on Ethereum blockchain.
It is NOT a Security Token. Token holders will not receive any profit sharing, dividends or equity in the company.

Can I buy MPLT Tokens on the Exchanges?

You won’t be able to purchase MPLT Tokens on exchanges during the ICO, as the Tokens are sold on a MAP Platform Token sale site only. You will be able to purchase Tokens on exchanges after the ICO is complete.

I bought MPLT tokens, where can I see my balance?

You will see how many MPLT tokens you have purchased in your dashboard. If you have bought your tokens with ETH directly through our crowdsale smart contract, you will be able to see them in your ETH wallet. Just make sure to add a custom MPLT token to your wallet.

I do not see MPLT Token balance in my wallet. What should I do?

You should add a custom token to your wallet as outlined below.

How to add a Map Platform token to your wallet:

Select to add a custom token in your wallet. Add a custom token with these details:

Token address: 0x6C6d63006d5B5Ebc58d0df830f57Fe518e1166c8
Token Symbol: MPLT
Number of Decimals: 18

You should be able to see MPLT tokens right after that.

All unsold tokens will be transferred to the eco-system reserve. The eco-system reserve is used to contribute and fuel the developing of MAP Platform and offer incentives to the community.